6 December 2017

Prenatal Mindfulness Course

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In addition to physical health, a woman’s emotional well-being is paramount during pregnancy. Whilst pregnancy is an experience full of growth, enrichment, change and challenge, it is best experienced when you feel at ease with your current state of mind aswell as the upcoming journey. Pregnancy can cause many psychological changes, during which women can experience a range of moods and emotions, from feelings of overjoy and excitement to the lows of feeling worried, impatient and terrified as motherhood approaches.

Common concerns during pregnancy include:

  • —How do I feel about going through such a major life-changing event?
  • —Will I receive the support I require from my partner, family or friends once the baby arrives?
  • —How will the baby affect my relationships?
  • —Will I be able to handle my new responsibilities?
  • —Will I be a good mother?
  • —How you view yourself including negative perceptions about physical changes, such as weight gain, swollen breasts, and other discomforts.
  • —The restrictions to your lifestyle that motherhood might place on you.
  • —Difficulties with previous pregnancies.

Group Course

Becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and behaviours during each present moment, offers us choices to respond rather than react to automatic patterns. It is like switching off the automatic pilot and taking charge of the planning, the driving, and the destination, awake and fully present and in charge of our lives. Learning the skills of being present in a given moment can be critical to supporting the normal physiological process of childbirth.

I offer a two session course (2 hours each) of mindfulness and self-compassion which involves:

  • —Core aspects of Mindfulness
  • —How mindfulness can be utilised during pregnancy
  • —You will learn how to pay attention to being present, aware and accepting of what is inside and around you
  • —Training the mind to observe, focus and filter
  • —How to connect with baby, acknowledging any discomfort and pain and learning ways to respond
  • —You will learn to develop a caring and compassionate understanding of yourself and others
  • —Breathing techniques to help calm and focus the body

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