The Pursuit of Perfection and Motherhood

We can often get caught up in the trap of striving to be the “perfect mother”, and many of us might already know how damaging this can be not only for our emotional wellbeing but relationships too. These unrealistic expectations we set firmly in place for ourselves, can often leave us feeling as though we Read more about The Pursuit of Perfection and Motherhood[…]


10 Thinking Errors That Are Holding You Back

As we go about our day to day lives, our internal monologue is always narrating our thinking and experiences. This ‘self-talk’ is influenced mostly by our underlying beliefs and assumptions and sometimes our thoughts are not particularly accurate or truthful. This is unfortunate because it’s our thoughts that influence the way we behave but also Read more about 10 Thinking Errors That Are Holding You Back[…]

The Low-Down On Post Natal Depression

Having a baby can bring immense happiness and joy into your life, but for many it can also bring about unpleasant and never-experienced-before emotions. Several days postpartum and the majority of us will experience an emotional rollercoaster. Thrilling moments of joy and happiness which are abruptly and very unexpectedly disrupted by the baby blues. If any Read more about The Low-Down On Post Natal Depression[…]