27 March 2016

Circle of Mums Support Group

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming, and it often takes time to adjust to changing roles and unfamiliar experiences. A good support group can help ease the transition, especially if it provides a place for new mothers to come together and express the reality of how hard parenthood can be.

Support Group

In our Brussels based English-speaking mums support group, we talk about unexpected feelings leading up to and after the birth of your baby. We talk about the range of parenting emotions, from elation, love, and joy to anxiety, fear, loneliness, and exhaustion. We provide a welcoming environment and embrace every parent as is and without judgment. We explore the realities of pregnancy, of life with a new baby, including relationship changes, loss of freedom, self-care, coping with lack of sleep, guilt, and more. Circle of Mums is a safe space to talk, meet other parents, laugh, cry and heal.

Join Us

So come join us to be heard, validated, and supported, to tackle the challenges that early parenthood brings.

This weekly group is limited to eight members per group (babies are welcome)! Registration required – you can register here.