7 December 2017

Relationship And Couples’ Therapy

Are you struggling in your relationship? Start the healing today.

You know to visit a doctor for aches and pains, or that persistent cough that won’t go away – but where do you go when your relationship needs mending? The solution might just be couples’ therapy or counselling.

Most couples attend couple counselling when they feel they are losing connection, facing a high level of conflict or dealing with a major life event or high level of stress.  Quite often, there is a big issue disrupting things – things like sex, money, infidelity, children or in-laws — and you just cannot get your partner to understand your point of view. Whatever the reason, many couples report ‘growing apart’ and divorce or separation might see the only way forward. It is during these moments that outside help can help resolve the issues which are depleting your relationship.

The main goal of couples’ therapy is to give you problem-solving tools whilst putting you and your other half in a room with a neutral mediator who will help you make sense of what is going on. Together, we will help you understand your situation – evaluate your options and hopefully work through your issues and strengthen your relationship.

Couple’s Therapy can be booked through our Booking Request Form.